Where Is Sri Lanka ? – Everything you need to know before traveling

There is a good chance that one or more spices in your kitchen from Sri Lanka. Most Probably you may never hear of the island Sri Lanka, Or maybe you have heard of it and want to know more. So, this post is for you.

Sri Lanka or the pearl of the Indian Ocean, formerly called “Ceylon”, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, southeast of the Indian subcontinent near to India, in a strategic location near major Indian Ocean sea lanes.

A couple of years before Sri Lanka mostly reminded about terrorism and civil war. But Not today, Sri Lanka has ended the civil conflict in 2009 and now terrorism free country. Safe to travel and explore.

The island of Sri Lanka is one of the biodiverse in the world. The country host an astonishing variety of flora and fauna for its size. Beaches around the island are beautiful and breathtaking. And Sri Lanka has an amazing history and culture you would amaze to explore.

Where is Sri Lanka located? 

This Beautiful island country Known as Ceylon until the end of the Colonial Era(1972). Sri Lanka is a beautiful island, a tourist destination located in the Indian Ocean just southeast tip of the Indian ocean. if you take a map and find India, you will see Sri Lanka as a small dot just below India. India and Sri Lanka are so close and literary you can swim to Sri Lanka from the southeast tip of India. Its only 32Km shallow beach between.

How to get to Sri Lanka? 

You can get to Sri Lanka easily by air. All Major Airlines operates in the region and you can use Sri Lankan Airlines to book a flight.

From Europe

Sri Lankan Airlines link Colombo and London with every day nonstop flights. And there are other carriers such as British Airways, Emirates, etc.

From Asia

Sri Lanka is well connected by major Asian air carriers, including budget-friendly low-cost Air Asia. Service from India is competitive between several carriers. Most visitors combine a visit to Sri Lanka with the Maldives. SriLankan Airlines and Emirates fly between Colombo and MalΓ© frequently and they offer low-cost tickets too.

Flights from the US and Canada

It’s a long journey from North America to Sri Lanka. The flight from North America to Sri Lanka takes around 20 hours minimum, necessitating at least one change of plane. From the east coast, the most straightforward option is to fly to London and then pick up one of the onward connections described above. There are also numerous one-stop routes via the Gulf from New York (Emirates; Etihad; Qatar), Boston (Emirates, Qatar), and Washington and Toronto (both Emirates and Etihad).

Sri Lanka Airports

Sri Lanka Has mainly two airports Bandaranaike International Airport and mattala Rajapaksa international airport. But Almost every flight comes to Sri Lanka land on Bandaranaike International Airport. From there, you have to travel to Colombo to catch a bus or train if you are planning to travel the island by public transportation.

you can find more about airports here – Sri lanka Airport and Aviation Service

Visa Requirements for Sri Lanka

Whatever you do, don’t show up in Sri Lanka without a visa!

People of all nationalities must get an electronic visa in advance, before arriving in Sri Lanka. After applying to the official ETA site, you will receive a confirmation code associated with your passport number. This process will take about 1-2 hours assuming everything on your application is filled out correctly.

if you need more information about visa application Please visit Sri lanka International Travel Information Center

Colombo – The Capital City Of the Country

Colombo is the commercial capital and the largest city in the country. If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka, Most Probably you land to Colombo First. Colombo metropolitan area has a population of 5.6 million.like all populated cities of the 3rd world, Colombo is filled with traffic and packed with people. But it has its own unique beauty to offer.

For Example β€œPetta” the commercial center of Colombo is always filled with people and vehicles. And Places like Gangarama temple, Independent Square will fill your mind with Pease. If you want to read more about Colombo and nearby tourist destinations we have a great article for you 

How to Travel Around Sri Lanka? 

Getting around Sri Lanka is easy if you have your own vehicle. Most roads are well maintained and you can literary travel anywhere with your own vehicle. 

But the Best way to travel Sri Lanka is by Train. The Train Journey from Kandy to Badulla is a world-famous train track across green mountains and tea plantations. But Most public trains are overcrowded on weekends and holidays. You can easily catch a train from Colombo Fort railway station. Traveling by rail is maddeningly slow because they still use colonial railway lines, but it’s also scenic, memorable experience to be enjoyed.

If you are planning to travel by bus it will be a bit difficult(because of the crowd) but much more budget-friendly.You can catch a bus anywhere in the country from the pettah central bus terminal.

Driving around the island by motorbike provides the highest level of freedom and very friendly to your pocket. If you are interested in Cycling I advise you to avoid hillside of the island. because the steeps of the roads are very difficult and you might find it difficult to cycle through the mountains.

If you having trouble of renting a vehicle or finding a Driver , We have a great article for you ..Check here

Is Sri Lanka Safe to travel? 

Currently, there is nothing to worry about traveling in Sri Lanka. In 2019 there were a couple of terrorist bomb attacks taken place. But As Sri Lankan Government states they were isolated events and there is no future threat of happening again. 

What is the Best Time to travel in Sri Lanka? 

Sri Lanka undergoes two monsoon seasons with heavy rainfalls.

December to mid-April Considered to be the peak season. The temperature around the country is fairly constant and average of 25-30Β°C. And in highlands, it can drop to 15-18Β°C. If you’re traveling during the summer months, between May and September I recommend you to head towards the east coast and northern regions for dry, sunny weather, as the west and southwest coasts experience rain at this time.

Places to see in Sri Lanka 

Most visitors to Sri Lanka end up at popular beach destinations south of Colombo along with the west coast of the island. The island surrounds with beautiful sunny beaches. Surfing and whale sighting is a popular activity around the coast.

The inner highlands of the country is green and cooler at high elevations. There is rich wildlife including elephants, birds, and leopards.

If you visited the Historic Areas of the Country such as Anuradhapura or Polonnaruwa, You will be amazed to see the stone structures and sculptures of ancient Sinhalese people.

If you are more interested in places to see we have a great article for you here.

The People of Sri Lanka 

The people of Sri Lanka are mostly Sinhalese. And if you travel the northern and eastern parts of the country you will find more Muslim and Tamil people. Sinhalese people are considered as the most peaceful community. They consider treating guests is honorable and always must do. If you are planning to travel to Sri Lanka recently, you don’t have to worry about Sri Lankan people. They are very friendly and helpful people. But you have to be careful from some scams like overpricing to tourists, selling fake products, fake tour guides.

If you are traveling Solo, In Sri Lanka We have great experience to share you with .. Check out here.

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