Travel Solo in Sri Lanka – Travel Far Enough to Meet your self

Traveling all by your self is one of the most exciting, liberating experience. No matter your age or gender, it offers an opportunity for self-reflection and self-growth. For Some People, it can be a frustrating experience. If you’ve never traveled solo before, Traveling in Sri Lanka Could be more difficult. If you are planning to travel to Sri Lanka Solo, I advise you to read this article carefully and remember my tips. Unlike most blog posts pop up in the google search result written by foreigners, my experience will be more helpful. Since I’m living in Ella – Sri Lanka and I a tour guide and traveler.

Start Planning your solo adventure now

Before getting into your flight, do a small research on Sri Lanka, look for the popular destination and activities that you interested in. If you go through our articles you will sure to be found Some Interesting activities to you. I have suggested some articles below.

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Write down the places that you are interested in and See how and what activities you can do in those places. Mostly you will find the information online. Make a rough timeline mentioning where you will be and when. And If you don’t feel free to contact us on our Facebook page. We are happy to help you.

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So now you have an idea about Sri Lanka and what you going to do on your visit to Sri Lanka.

Things to remember when you are traveling Solo in Sri Lanka.

Finding Accommodation and Hotels

Most of the time you will not find any difficulties in finding accommodation. There are two options you can choose from. One, Book a hotel in advance. There are many ways you can book a hotel online. I recommend you to use Most Sri Lankan hotels are on the and you will find good, friendly service from them too.

The second option is to book a house or room in a house with Airbnb. I think it will be a good adventure for a solo this way, you can get close to the locals and their culture and food. Sri Lankans are really friendly people and they treat their guests above god. And Remember to choose a good family with good ratings. So, if you are interested to see and experience the way of living in Sri Lanka I recommend you to choose the second option.

Finding Transportation

Although Sri Lanka is a small country, getting around in Sri Lanka is time-consuming and frustrating. So, finding the right transportation method for your travel is crucial for the success of your visit to Sri Lanka. There are a couple of methods you can travel inside Sri Lanka. You can use either the Public Transportation method (Bus or Train), or Rent a vehicle. I think you should use both methods for getting around. Wait, I’ll explain why.

Public transportation Methods in Sri Lanka is very slow. Trains are even slower. So, when you are planning on your visit to Sri Lanka remember that. But to get the feel of Sri Lanka, I recommend you to travel by bus and train. If you are going to visit hillside destinations of Sri Lanka, Such as Ella, Kandy, Badulla. I strongly recommend you to travel by train. Yes, I know what are you thinking, the trains are slow …. But you will never get the feel of green tea states, waterfalls and cloudy mountains by traveling by other means. (Do you know? According to the lonely planet Colombo – Ella train route is the most epic train tour of Asia 2019.)

And If you are traveling through a coastal area, I recommend using your privete vehicle. Most Coastal Areas of Sri Lanka highly populated. And the weather conditions are warm and humid most of the year. And Public transportations like buses, trains are filled with crowds. So, traveling on a bus, or trains won’t be comfortable.

Don’t Travel at Night – Especially If you are a solo female.

You can go anywhere in Sri Lanka at day, but at night it becomes a little unsafe, especially if you are a female. So, I advise you to not to travel overnight public transportations, either it is a bus or train. And if you must travel at night, use a private vehicle, and don’t hire vehicles from parks in the cities. Use trusted travel agent. If you have time read this article also.  I don’t say that you should worry too much, but be careful at night.

How to Converse, Interact with Sri Lankans?

Most Sri Lankans Understand Basic English and Most of them can speak in English too. So you won’t find any trouble there. If you are interested learn how to greet and thank in Sinhala. Most Sri Lankan people delighted when foreigners speaking in Sinhala.

Avoid Annoying Tuk Tuk drivers

Tuk Tuk is a common short distance transportation method in Sri Lanka. Most of the time you might have to hire a Tuk Tuk in Sri Lanka. But when hiring a Tuk Tuk drivers, be careful. Do not trust them. Under Any circumstance don’t leave your luggage on Tuk Tuk. Not even for 5 minutes. There are so many people I know getting robbed by tuk-tuk drivers. So Don’t trust them.

Don’t Over Pay anyone.

Overpricing to foreigners is pretty common around Sri Lanka. So, get some idea about pricing for items. You can easily ask about it from someone in your hotel or accommodation. And if you are interested, we have listed the pricing of some essential items here.

Dress modestly

If you have been traveling around Asia or southeast Asia, this might already be a known fact, but it’s best to prevent any unpleasant circumstances. There are two instances in which a woman traveling alone needs to dress modestly in Sri Lanka. First is when visiting temples; legs and shoulders must always be covered, no matter what. You will not be able to go inside otherwise. The other unfortunate circumstance is that Sri Lankan men (and also women if they are uncomfortable seeing you) will stare. I don’t say that they are looking at you in the wrong way. But they will. So, better to just cover up!

Make friends with the locals

The best way to get to know any country is to make friends with the locals. Sri Lankans are friendly people and they will help you most of the time without hesitation. If you are female you are better off making friends with women first. When it comes to becoming friends with men, Be careful. They can be pushy sometimes.

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