Top Destinations Of Bandarawela

I like the Bandarawela very much. I grew up there. I have spent all my teenage years around Bandarawela. So if you are planning to visit Bandarawela and want some advice about the best destinations, Trust me I’m the guy to guide you to the best tourist destinations of Bandarawela.

Bandarawela is a small city in the Badulla district of Sri Lanka. It is said that This small hillside city has the best climate and best living conditions in Sri Lanka. The city has cool whether around 16°C.- 28°C. and Normally undergoes a major raining season between the end of October – January. Most of the people in Bandarawela are farmers. If you ever visit there you will see vegetable farms beside the roads. And also you will see tea plantations. Some of the best strains of Ceylon tea is produced around here. If you are a tea lover, then this is one of the best cities in Sri Lanka to taste awesome Ceylon tea.

There are many destinations around Bandarawela you can visit. Some historic destinations, Hills for Hiking and Trekking, waterfalls and Some Great Hotels to relax. So, after some struggling and brainstorming with our team, we have come up with the top destinations you must visit on your visit to Bandarawela.

How to get to Bandarawela?

If you are starting From Colombo the best way to visit Bandarawela is by train. The train trip from Kandy to Ella is one of the most scenic train trips in the world. You can easily catch a train from Colombo fort to Bandarawela.

Train Name Departure Station Departure Time Arrival Station Arrival Time
Podi Manike (Express) COLOMBO FORT 6.00 am BANDARAWELA 2.50 pm
Denuwara Manike COLOMBO FORT 6.45 am BANDARAWELA 2.04 pm
Udarata Manike (Express) COLOMBO FORT 8.30 am BANDARAWELA 4.53 pm
1007 (Express) COLOMBO FORT 9.45 am BANDARAWELA 5.53 pm
Night Mail COLOMBO FORT 8.30 pm BANDARAWELA 6.01 am

Ticket Price 

2nd Class – 480.00 LKR (2.59 USD)

3rd Class – 305.00 LKR (1.64 USD) 

Or You can take a bus from Colombo central bus terminal to Bandarawela. The Bus route number is 99 Colombo to Bandarawela. The ticket price is 530.00 LKR (2.86 USD).

Best time of the year to visit Bandarawela?

So as I said before Bandarawela undergoes one major raining season between October to January. So best to avoid this time of the year. The best time of the year is to visit Bandarawela is between May and September. This time of the year is warm, sunny and the temperature is around 22°C.- 28°C.

Bandarawela top Destinations

Nine Arch Bridges (15.3 Km from Bandarawela ) 

This is one of the iconic landmarks of Sri Lanka. If you hashtag search #Srilanka On Instagram or Facebook, Defiantly there will be a photograph of nine arch bridges with its epic picturesque view. This bridge is built in the Colonial Age when Sri Lanka Was Ceylon and was a Colony of the British Empire. But it is said the idea of the bridge is given by a Sinhalese man called Appuhami. The Bridge is about 24m high and 91m in length. The Bride is surrounded by jungle at one side and the other side is a tea plantation. The surrounding view is amazing for photography and you will be able to get some awesome insta clicks for sure. 


How to get to nine arch bridge? 

you need to reach Ella town. You can either take a train or bus to reach Ella town. Then the quickest way is to walk along the track from Ella town toward Badulla until you reach a tunnel. After passing the tunnel, you immediately reach the Nine Arch Bridge. Or you can hire a tuk-tuk from Ella town. The charge is about 300.00 LKR 

When is the Nine Arch bridge is open? 

there is no specific time to visit nine arch bridge. You can visit there at any time. But Be aware of the train schedule and do not stay on the bridge when trains pass by.

Do I need to book a ticket in advance ? or buy a ticket? 

You do not need to buy a ticket or book a ticket in advance. 

When are the trains passes by the nine arch bridge? 

Trains pass over the bridge at the following times: 9:30. 11:30. 15:30.So Don’t Stay on the bridge while the trains passes.

The Little Adams peaks 

We chose this place because of its breathtaking view at sunset. If you are a hiking enthusiast, this is a perfect spot for you. The paranormal view around the little Adam’s peak is amazing. This area is well known for tea plantations and grassy mountain ranges. When the sun goes down, the burning red color of setting sun paints a spectacular view around the viewpoint.This is one of the must-go places on your visit to Bandarawela.


How to get to the little Adam’s peak? 

There are two trails leads to little Adams peak. First You need to reach Ella. From Ella’s easiest way is to hire a tuk-tuk to reach the trail starting point. One is near the Flower Garden resort, Ella. The Other one is near the 98 acres hotel. The Price for tuk-tuk is about 500.00 LKR – 800.00 LKR. 

How long does it take to climb little Adams peak? 

Well, first of all, it depends on the fitness of you. If you are an expert hiker it will only take 1 ½ hour to reach the place. Or for the average person, it will take 2-3 hours to reach the place. The track is about 1.5 km and not that hard.

Is Ella rock and the little Adams peak is the same? 

No . these are two different places and both places have an excellent view. Ella Rock is less famous and hard to climb. While the Little Adams peak is far popular and easy to reach. 

Ravana Falls (Ravana Ella) & Upper Ravana Falls 

Rawana Falls Sri lanka

This place is a well-known place among tourists and locals. This waterfall is entangled with a great love story of Sri Lankan history and King Ravana, who was the ruler of Sri Lanka about 2554 to 2517 BC. King Ravan falls in love with the Sita, who was the wife of Raman. Ravana stole Sita while the Raaman away and took her to Sri Lanka and hid her in the hillside of Sri Lanka. Ravana falls is one of these places. Most people think that the waterfall near the Bandarawela – Wellawaya Road is the Ravana Falls. But it’s not. That waterfall is called Bambaragama Ella. The Ravana falls is at much further in the jungle. You have to walk to this place. Unfortunately due to unpopularity with the tourists you might need a tour guide to guide you through the journey.


Can you swim at Ravana Falls? 

No, you can’t swim very close to the falls. The Stones around the waterfall are slippery and very dangerous if you fall. But you can swim a bit down on the river. 

The 3 places we have mentioned above can be visited on one day. If you are interested you can travel with us Sri Lankan Vibez team. So this is the Plan, We are going to Visit Nine arch Bridge in the morning and do some amazing photo shooting with you guys. Then we are going to take you to Ravana Falls and take you to swim in Fresh glassy water from Ravana falls. Then we head to the 98 acres hotel for the lunch and spend a couple of hours there and we are going to take you to Little Adam’s peak to see the sundown. If that sounds fun, contact us here from our FB page. Or from our email

Dowa Cave Temple 

This famous cave temple has a history dating back about 2000 years. Once the Indian invaders are invading Sri Lanka. The King Walagamba hide in this place for protection. And while he was raising his army he builds this temple and started to build the Mahayana Buddha Statue you could see today. But His Work has been interrupted somehow and he left the Buddha statue without fully completing. The Shrine is decorated with cave paintings belong to the Kandyan Era.

Kurulangala the Prehistoric Cave Paintings 

Kurulangala is One Of my favorite places Near Bandarawela. For me, it was an amazing experience to witness paintings on a cave wall painted thousands of years ago by prehistoric humans. I Don’t know whether you will feel the same. This place is hard to reach and the track is hard. You will need an experienced guide to reach the place. 

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