Top 10 Reasons to visit Sri Lanka

So many values in one place, Sri Lanka is a small island situated in the Indian ocean. Maybe you have never heard about this country. But Trust me, Its worth to check out. Let me tell you why you should visit Sri Lanka on your next vacation.

01. Sri Lanka is an Authentic Unpopular Uncrowded Destination🌄

Sri Lanka was not popular as a tourist destination until quite recently. Sri Lanka Suffered 30 years of civil war and the war was ended in 2009. Now its a completely safe country to travel and tourism are blooming like never before. But Still, if you see the world bank data below, you can see that Sri Lanka is still quite intact from tourists. Only 2,334.00 tourists have arrived in Sri Lanka in 2018. The beaches, nature and historical grounds are still unpolluted relative to other destinations in South Asia. Unlike most popular countries in the region filled with tourists, Sri Lanka is a quiet, calm place to spend your vacation.

02. Its Affordable, Compact Value Rich Experience 💰

Sri Lanka will give you a compact value-rich experience in all areas. Whether you are a nature lover, an adventurer or food junkie, it doesn’t matter. Sri Lanka will give an amazing experience suited to anyone. Since the country is so small you can visit 2000+ old city in the morning and by the evening you’ll be able to witness the sunset on the southern beaches. Transportation is really easy and fast since the new development carried out in the country.

I did a small research., what other professional travelers think about Sri Lanka and its affordability. And I must show you what I have found.


When Frank and I traveled around Southeast Asia our daily budget was usually around €60 per day (€30 per person). In New Zealand and Japan, it was around €100 per day (€50 per person). However, our Sri Lanka daily budget was just €44 per day (€22 per person)!


Lotte From

Overall, Sri Lanka was one of the cheapest countries I’ve been to and it is possible to travel Sri Lanka on $20 – $30 per person a day (on a shoestring), or around $50 per person per day in nicer accommodations. 

Dani from

My daily average came out to $50/day. 

Kristin from

03. Absolute Stunning Landscapes and Nature 🏞

The Nature in Sri Lanka is rich in biodiversity. The Coastline of the country is sunny and filled with coconut trees. Low lands of Sri Lanka covered from low land rain forests and highlands are mostly montane and montane forests. About 13% of Sri Lanka Conserved as Parks or Reserves. As you travel through the country, you will see the landscape and nature changes dramatically. From the Sunny Beaches of the coastal area, it takes only 4 hours (about 150km) to reach the highlands of the country. The Highlands of Sri Lanka are scenic and refreshing. The Air is cool and Unpolluted.

The train trip from Kandy to Ella is world-famous and one of the top scenic train tours in the world. The train travels through the green tea plantations, misty mountains of the island. The Country is filled with waterfalls and you will see countless waterfalls along the way.

04. Incomparable Wildlife – Elephants, Leopards, and Whales 🐳

Sri Lanka has the best wildlife viewing opportunities in the region. leopard, elephant, sloth bear, blue whale, and sperm whale considered as the most popular wildlife attractions in the country. In Yala National Park Sri Lanka you will see the biggest concentration of leopards of the region. According to wildlife authorities of the country, Yala Block 1 has One leopard in Every square kilometer. In places like Minneriya National Park, you will see about 200 elephants eat and play around a tank. These mighty beasts are majestic and said to be the most beautiful elephants of Asia. Also These Lowland Forest also home to fuzzy, black Sri Lankan Sloth bear that you will never forget.

In the Oceans of Sri Lanka, you will encounter the biggest animal on the earth – the blue whale. The Coastal Line of the Mirissa to Trincomalee offers the best viewing spots. In the Costal line of Kalpitiya, you will see giant sperm whales.

05. Ruins of Ancient Cities over 2000+ years old. 🏰

Sri Lanka has a written history of 2500+ years written in a book called “Mahavamsa” Meaning “The Great Chronicle”. In the famous cultural triangle of the country, you will see hundreds of monuments, temples, statues, and fortresses. The Country is decorated with eight UNESCO world heritage sites. In North Central Province you can see ruins of Buddhist monasteries and ancient kingdoms and In the southern province, you will see the remains of the colonial era.

06. Rich Culture and Festivals 👯

There are numerous colorful festivals, giving new life to ancient traditions and spiritual practices of the islanders. Kandy Esala Perahera (සෙංකඩගල පෙරහැර මංගල්‍යය) is one of the majestic festivals you should see on your visit. This festival takes place in May to pay tribute to the sacred tooth relic of buddha wishing good harvest and rain. The Festival is filled with dancers and decorated elephants carrying goldarn casket contains relics of the buddha.

At the beginning of spring, April 14th the whole country celebrates the beginning of the new year. You will hear the sound of the firecrackers everywhere. Families get together with their loved ones and mothers prepare milk rice at the auspicious time. They dine together. Celebrations will continue for weeks.

07. Untouched Beaches and Surfing 🏄‍♂️ 

Sri Lanka has some best surfing spots for beginners as well as advanced surfers. Hikkaduwa, Weligama, Unawatuna and Arugam Bay are well-known spots for surfing. In Hikkaduwa, you will experience waves above 6ft. Arugam Bay is the best spot for beginners.

08. Sri Lankan Food – Spicy 🌶️

In Sri Lanka, you will experience a variety of food that you will never forget. Sri Lankan foods are spicy and soaked in unique spices. Sri Lanka produces World’s best cinnamon in the world.

In Costal Areas, Seafoods are delicious and colorful. You can taste Giant Crabs in Sri Lanka and they have one of the best restaurants in Asia just for crabs. And this restaurant managed by former famous cricket players.

Read More About Sri Lankan Street Foods Here

“Ministry of Crab was created as a culinary homecoming of Sri Lanka’s legendary lagoon crab, which has long gained popularity outside of the island.

The Crabs are the ‘stars of the show’ at Ministry of Crab, ranging from 500g ‘1/2 Kilo’ crab to 2KG ‘Crabzilla’ plated up in a variety of ways from fiery Pepper Crab to the unique Garlic Chilli Crab and the succulent Baked Crab. We also celebrate Sri Lanka’s fine seafood; from amazing King Prawns found in the rivers running across the island to fresh Clams and Oysters from the lagoons. ”

The Ministry Of Crabs

09. Most Friendly People 😊

Sri Lankan People are the friendliest people that you will encounter in the whole world. They always have a smile on their face. From airport to hotels, streets and villages locals will welcome you always as you were their family. If you went to a random house anywhere in a village, they will defiantly ask you to join for tea, maybe they will even invite you to dine with them. Sri Lankans are well known for treating visitors well.

10. Hotels, Nightlife, and Luxuries 🏨

 One of the best things about Sri Lanka is an incredible selection of luxury hotels for budget prices. Luxuries don’t have to be expensive in Sri Lanka. There are hundreds of gorgeous hotels with gardens lakes, infinity pools and plenty to enjoy. And If you looking for a calm quiet place for your visit, you can easily book a tree house or cottage in the jungle. On the other hand, the nightlife of Colombo is amazing and that city never sleeps. You can go clubbing and get socialized with the people for affordable prices.

We Hope you will Visit Sri Lanka and Enjoy the country . Don’t forget to comment your experience below. And Also If you are interested you can travel with Sri Lankan Vibez Team , We are happy to guide you trough the country . Contact us here or From Our Facebook Chat box .

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