Top 10 Most Beautiful Views In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Filled with Natural and Cultural Beauty. Some Of the scenes that you will experience here are exquisite and you will never experience those anywhere around the world. In this Article, we Are focused on Natural Beauty, Landscapes and jaw-dropping places in Sri Lanka that sure to inspire your wanderlust. Some Places I have mentioned here are really popular destinations among the tourists, But Some places are remote and unpopular. 

But I can assure you, these are the best breathtaking scenes I experienced in Sri Lanka Ever.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Views in Sri Lanka 

Here I have Mentioned the most beautiful views you ever experience in Sri Lanka.

  1. Horton Plains –The Worlds End 
  2. Adams Peak – Footmark Of the buddha 
  3. Sigiriya – The Lion Rock Fortress 
  4. Ella – Nine Arch Bridge 
  5. Meemure – Intact Rural Village 
  6. Mandaram Nuwara – The Village Hidden between mountain ranges
  7. Pidurangala 
  8. Knuckles Mountain Range 
  9. Bambara Kanda – Tallest waterfall of Sri Lanka 
  10. Lipton’s Seat – The Tea state that you’ll never forget 

01. Horton Plains

The Horton Plains National Park is One of Most Beautiful Views that You will get to experience on your visit to Sri Lanka. This beautiful Highland Plateau Filled with Unique Flora and Fauna that you will only see here. Also, Horton Plains is the highest plateau in Sri Lanka at 2300 meters from the sea level. The highest waterfall of Sri Lanka,Bambarakanda waterfall also located nearby to the Horton plains. As You walk through Plain, Plateau Suddenly Comes to a Stunning Escarpment that plunges 880m, Making it an excellent viewpoint. The walk to the world’s end viewpoint from the entrance of the Horton Plains is 4 Km long. The Road through the national park is an utterly spectacular route to follow.

  • How to Get there – Reach Nuwara Aliya town First. There you can hire a Tuk-tuk for about 2500 RS ($14 USD). Or you can Hire a van for about 3500 Rs ($20 USD). 
  • Opening Hours – 5.00 AM – 4.00 PM
  • Time Duration For the trip – 3-4 Hours 
  • Distance Of the trek – 4 Km 
  • Ticket Price – $17 USD per adult
  • Best time to visit – 6.00 am 9.00 am 

Keep in Mind

  • Getting to the viewpoint on time is the crustal part of the hike. If you miss this one to a two-hour window, you will see nothing but clouds and mist. The view of the World’s end is often covered by mist and clouds. So, you need to avoid rainy seasons April – September and also you need to be on the viewpoint as early as possible (target to be there at 6.00-6.30 am). The best time to visit between 6.00 am – 10.00 am. And Also keep in mind not to visit on holidays and weekends to avoid crowds.
  • Ware Suitable shoes fit hiking and bring a hat and sunglasses. In Side the park there is no way to get food or water. So, bring your food and beverages.
  • When you approach the edge of the cliff, please be careful since there are no safety rails.

02. Adams Peak

Adams Peak, Or “Sri Pada” will surely make you amazed with its beauty. Adams peak is the 3rd tallest mountain in the county. The word Sri Pada means “holy footprint”. Besides being a beautiful viewpoint, Adams peak is a pilgrimage site worshipped by Buddhist, Muslims and Hindu People. For Buddhists it is the footprint of Lord Buddha, For Christians and Muslims it is the footprints of Adam when he was cast from heaven and sent on earth, for Hindus the mountain is called “Shivas Peak” which they believe, it’s the footprint of Siva. This tall Mountain 2243m in height. To get to the summit of the mountain you will have to climb 5500 stone steps in dark. I agree its a bit hard. But I assure you, it’s worthwhile to check out on your visit to Sri Lanka.

  • How to Get there – From Colombo take a train to Hatton town. From having to take Nallathaniya Road to get to Nallathanniya Entrance of Adam’s Peak. You can either take the local bus (60 RS ) or Tuk-tuk( $3-5 USD ) to get there.
  • When to visit – high Season December – May, Off-Season May – December (Rain Season) 
  • Time Duration For the trip – 7-8 hours
  • Distance Of the trek – 2243m in height,5500 Stone Steps 
  • Ticket Price – Free 
  • Best time to visit – Start Climbing at 10.00 PM, and this way you will be able to see the sunrise from the summit.

Keep In Mind

  • Climbing 5500 steps in the dark can be quite challenging. If you have a problem with mobility or health condition, you have to think about this hike twice.
  • The Night is Cold about 12 °C – 15 °C and you can expect fog and drizzle. So, keep in mind to take suitable clothes. If you are a fast climber you won’t feel cold during the climb up. But it is good to wear a long-sleeved top and a pair of gloves.
  • During the High Season, thousands of people pilgrimage Adams Peak. So, keep in mind to avoid holidays.
  • Local shops high on the mountain charge high prices for the goods. So, take everything you want with you. (Food and water)
  • Unless your area traveling through Hatton Road, Remember to take a torch.

03. Sigiriya – The Lion Rock Fortress.

Sigiriya or the lions Rock is Perhaps Sri Lanka’s Single Most Dramatic Sight. If you visit Sigiriya, You can see the ruined fortress rising above the forest from miles away. This Rock fortress tangled with the story of a king who murdered his father and brother to take the kingdom. This short-lived kingdom attracts tourists from all around the world due to its archeological value and a dramatic sight to check out on your visit to Sri Lanka. You should take a ticket of USD 35 at the entrance. It takes about 2-3 hours to get to the top. Ware Clothing suitable to warm temperatures and take sunglasses and hats.

  • How to Get there – From Colombo take a bus or private vehicle to reach Dambulla town. From there take Innamaluwa-Sigiriya Road to reach Sigiriya. 
  • Opening Hours – 7.00 am to 5.30 pm Start Climbing in the morning, to avoid crowds and heat.
  • Time Duration For the trip – 2-3 hours
  • Distance Of the trek – 600 meters high
  • Ticket Price – Free 
  • Best time to visit – May to August (Dry Season )

Keep In Mind

  • The Temperature Of the Central Province is mostly High around 25°C – 32°C. Wear Suitable Clothing.
  • Bring A Hat and Sunglasses, and Plenty of Fluids. You can’t buy anything after entering the archeological site.
  • Climbing Sigiriya Can Be Challenging If you have an issue with mobility or health condition.
  • You Don’t Need to book a ticket in advance. You can buy tickets at the entrance.

04. Ella

Ella, The Most Famous Hillside village of Sri Lanka. Green tea plantations, waterfalls and green hills and Aroma from the tea factories will be a quite exciting experience for you. The View from Ella rock is amazing. From there you can see the mysterious nine arch bridge from the distance. You can choose this place to relax and enjoy nature on your visit to Sri Lanka. According to the, The Ride to Ella from the train is one of the most beautiful train rides in the world. The Most Scenic Part of the Journey is Nanuoya to Ella. In this area, you will see hundreds of waterfalls from distance and tea plantations, and plains filled with small flowers.

  • How to Get there – From Colombo or Kandy you can catch a train to Ella.
  • Train Ticket Price – Colombo to Ella – 2nd Class $3.29 USD / 600.00 LKR Per Person 

       Colombo to Ella – 3rd Class $2.20 USD/400.00 LKR Per Person

        Kandy to Ella – 2nd Class $1.32 USD / 240 LKR Per Person

        Kandy to Ella – 3rd Class – $1.00 USD / 175 LKR Per Person

  • Time Duration For the trip – One or Two Days (Depending on the activities)
  • Best time to visit – March to June (Summer) 

Keep in Mind.

Train Ride to Ella Is Must Do Thing in Sri Lanka. Choose a train departure in the morning from Kandy or Peradeniya. That way you can Enjoy the Evening Scene. And Also Book A seat near a window. If you are Starting from Colombo Choose a train departure early in the morning that way you enjoy the evening scene.

05. Meemure

This Hidden Village amongst the Knuckles mountain ranges is not popular among foreign visitors. This rural village is still not developed relative to the other areas of Sri Lanka. The people of the village are most of the farmers. If you visit there you will see they still do farming using traditional methods. This place is filled with Amazing waterfalls and mountains that you will never forget. This is a great place for camping and trekking.

  • How to Get there – From Colombo take a train or bus to reach Kandy city. Then Take a bus to Hunnasgiriya(42.2 km from Kandy Kandy-Mahiyangane-Padiyatalawa Hwy). Then Take a Van Or TukTuk To Reach the village.
  • Best Time to Visit – Summer ( May – September )
  • Time Duration For the trip – 1-2 days 
  • Ticket Price – Free 
  • Accommodation – $10.98 USD – $16.47 USD (2000 LKR – 3000 LKR) Per Person 

Keep In Mind

  • Traveling to the village is quite difficult. Public Transport buses run only two times per day. Besides that, you can use small vans or Tuk-tuk to travel to the village.
  • If you are hoping to camp or trekking you need to hire a local guide or you can ask about it from the hotel you are accommodating. The price for a local guide can vary. And Don’t trust them too much.
  • Take some clothing suitable for rainy weather conditions too. The weather of the village changes dramatically due to the Knuckles mountain range.

06. Mandaramnuwara

This Mysterious village Situated at the foot of the highest mountain peak of the Sri Lanka. This Place is remote and Intact from the visitors. Great Place for Camping and Enjoy the waterfalls and streams. The village called “Mandaramnuwara” because the sun rises late to the village because of the mountain ranges surrounding the village. (“Mandaram” means dark , “Nuwara “ means city ).

  • How to Get there – First Reach Kandy town. Then take a bus to Padiyapalalla via Haragama Rd (46.3 Km ) . Then you can take a bus or Tuk tuk to reach the village.
  • Best Time to Visit  – Summer ( May – September )
  • Time Duration For the trip –    1-2 days
  • Accommodation – You can stay at a local house (Very Cheap) or Camp at Cave of Hansiya Dowa

Keep In Mind

  • Finding Transportation to the village can be quite difficult. So I advise you to use your own vehicle to travel to Mandaram Nuwara. If you are wondering how to hire a vehicle in Sri Lanka, we have a great article here.
  • Finding Accommodation to the Mandaram Nuwara can be quite difficult too. So I have mentioned Some Nice places to stay. Call the Places before you visit Mandaram Nuwara.
  • If you are plan to camping you will need to hire local guide to show you the places. The fee for the Guide is negotiable.

07. Pidurangala

Pidurangala is an enormous rock located seeing distance to the north from Sigiriya. Tales Sigiriya and pidurangala are have interlinked in history. If you don’t visit Sigiriya and pidurangala you shouldn’t miss those locations on your visit to Sri Lanka. Sigiriya was a monastery to Buddhist monks for thousands of years .whilst King Kashyapa was building Sigiriya, He moved all the monk living around the Sigiriya to new Monastery in Pidurangala. If You interested in the legendary Story of King Kashyapa, We have s great article for you. Ever since pidurangala was a monastery even after the fall of Sigiriya.

  • How to Get there – Reach Dambulla Town First. From Colombo you can take a bus to Dambulla (4-5 hour ride) . From there you can take Tuk-tuk to get to Pidurangala.
  • Ticket Price – $2.27 USD or 500 LKR Per Person
  • Best Time to Visit – December and Early April
  • Time Duration For the trip –   2 – 3 Hours
  • Opening Hours – 5.00 am to 6.00 pm

Keep In Mind

  • Getting to the summit of Pidurangala is a pretty tough 1-hour hike. You have to hike through a pretty rocky path to get to the top. If you have a health condition or if you have problems with mobility you might want to consider the hike twice.
  • If you looking for the best scenery of Pidurangala, you need to get to Pidurangala before dawn. The view from the top while the sun rises above the jungle and Sigiriya rock quite a memorable experience. And you’ll be able to take some cool photographs for your insta too.

08. Knuckles Mountain Range

If you are hiker, this is a great hike for you. This mountain is famous for its bio diversity of endemic flora and fauna. There are five summits in the mountain and you can choose either one for the hike. The heights point is 6000 ft high from the sea level. The view from the top of the mountain is quite fascinating. Panoramic view of misty mountains and waterfalls, lakes and traditional villages in the valley bellow will make your jaw drop to the bottom.

  • How to Get there – First You need to reach Kandy town.From Colombo you can use train or bus to get there. Then From Kandy Reach to Waththegama via Katugastota – Madawala – Bambarella Rd – 33 min (12.9 km)
  • Ticket Price – Free
  • Best Time to Visit – June to September (Dry Season)
  • Time Duration For the trip –   8-10 hours  

Keep In Mind

  • There Are 34 trails you can follow. Popular trails do not have any entrance fee.
  • If you are interest in More adventure hire a local guide and they will take you to more remote and beautiful areas of the conservation forest.
  • Weather of the area changes dramatically and fast. So be prepared for rain and mist.
  • Ware suitable shoes for hiking and take plenty of fluids and food for the trip

09. Bambara Kanda – Tallest Waterfall of Sri Lanka

This Tall Waterfall is Just breathtakingly beautiful. You can sit on the terrace and is illuminated by the sun and you will never want to leave the place again.The Height of the waterfall is 241 meter and this waterfall is near by Horton plains. From Horton Plains you can walk or bike to this place via a road called “Yakage Padipela “(The Devils Staircase).

  • How to Get there – Reach Belihuloya town first. Then you reach Bambarakanda via A4 Hwy, between Belihuloya and Haputhale.
  • Ticket Price – less than $1.00 USD or 100 LKR per person
  • Best Time to Visit – March – April (Rain Season)
  • Time Duration For the trip –   3 hours  

Keep In Mind

  • If you are visiting Bambarakanda try to visit in the rain season. Or After a Heavy Rainfall. The waterfall is most beautiful after a heavy rainfall.
  • Don’t just visit to the bottom of the fall and turn away and come back. You need to get to the top of the fall too. There is an small trail to the top of the hill. Ask local authorities at the site or a local for a help.

10. Lipton Seat

Lipton seat lookout is One of Sri Lanka’s Most beautiful viewpoints. And it is a one of the best tea states producing famous Ceylon tea. You need to hike to the lookout through the tea plantations and factories. And Aroma from the tea factories add beautiful flavor to the journey.

  • How to Get there – From Colombo take a Badulla bus to reach Haputhale town (Ticket – $4.00 USD ,4-5-hour trip). From Haputhale you can hire a Tuk – tuk to Lipton State (30 min)
  • Ticket Price – Free
  • Best Time to Visit – April to October (Reach to the view point in the morning for best view)
  • Time Duration For the trip –   3-5 hours  

Keep In Mind

  • The view of the Lipton Seat Often Covers by clouds and mist So Keep In Mind to Reach the view Point between 6.00 am – 10.00 am .By Reaching the View point you can enjoy the Morning sun Rise and also less chance to be cloudy.
  • Take Foods and Water you want. There are some local shops at the top of state, but mostly they will overcharge you for the goods.
  • Don’t Forget to visit tea factory ( Dambathanne Tea factory ) and taste world famous Ceylon Lipton Tea.

Hope you Enjoy the Most Beautiful Places In Sri Lanka . Happy Travelling 🙂

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