Thrilling Hike to Alagalla Mountain Sri Lanka

Guaranteed to make your heart race 😍

Today we are going to take you an Adventure that you will never forget. Hike to this beautiful mountain called Alagalla will make your heart race, give you goosebumps. Chilling yet epic! Come with us, Let’s begin the journey.

Alagalla Mountain(1,140 m) or Potato range situated in the central province of Sri Lanka. Among the other popular hiking destinations of central province, Alagalla holds a special place due to its unique natural features, the beauty of the view, the cloud waterfall you can see from the top and hardness of the hike. The Mountain Range situated about 22km from the Kandy city. Alagalla mountain situated inside the Alagalla conservation forest (9.1368 Hectare). This Forest is Home to Common animals of central plains and a couple of endemic species in Sri Lanka. See more on Wikipedia.

Alagalla Mountain Also holds a historical value in Sri Lankan History. Once Sri Lanka was a colony under three different invaders. Dutch, Portuguese and British did manage to capture most of the coastal areas of the county and never did able to capture the Kandyan Kingdom located in the interior in the country. The main defense point against these invaders “The Balana fort” Was situated between Alagalla mountain and Balana viewpoint. Alagalla mountain was a strategic and military point against these invaders and many historic battles were fought around this mountain range.

How Hard is Alagalla Hike?

This is one of the Moderately Hard Hiking Track. If you are an expert hiker, this trail not going to be so hard at all. The Track is about 4 km long and will take about 3-4 hours to climb. The first part of the track is easy and it is not that hard to climb, but the last part of the track is hard and dangerous. You will have to climb a pretty steep mountain wall with or without using ropes. (I have seen people using both methods).  

Things You Should Know Before Starting Alagalla Hike

  • The Hike is a bit extreme and dangerous. So be Prepared.
  • Ware good Hiking Shoes. Hat and Sunglasses to protect from the sun.
  • The Hiking track runs through Grasslands filled with “Mana bushes” ( Cymbopogon confertiflorus ) witch will give you Itchy skin. So, Ware Long Sleeve shirt or t-shirt.
  • The Mountain Situated in a Conservation Forrest So Do Not Do any damage to flora or fauna. If you do and get caught. You will be in really big trouble. So, don’t set fire, leave polythene or plastic or Don’t feed the animals.    
  • Be Prepared for the leeches, Take some salt. and ware jungle socks if you have.
  • In the last part of the hike, you have to climb a rock about a 150m high steep stone wall. If you fall you will end up at the bottom of the mountain. Most people climb it without ropes but if you are not that confident take a rope to assist the climb. And Be careful.
  • There is no water source on the mountain. So take food and water.
  • Some people have camped on the summit of the Mountain. But I don’t recommend you to do so since the summit has limited space, heavy wind and the edge of the summit can be very dangerous.
  • Don’t Travel Alone, Travel with someone or with a group. If you are not confident to travel on your own you might need to get a tour guide. In That case SriLankan Vibez team happy help you. You can contact us from Facebook or Our email.
  • If you have a problem with mobility and health condition, you may need to pass this out.

Best Time to visit Alagalla Mountain?

The best time to visit Alagalla in the dry season. You need to avoid the main two monsoon seasons of Sri Lanka. Don’t visit Alagalla Mountain between May – June, and October – January due to the heavy rainfall and the wind. 

How To Get To Alagalla?

If you are starting from Colombo, There Are two ways to reach Alagalla using public transport either Using Bus or Train.

From Colombo to Alagalla by Train

First, you need to Take Colombo – Kandy Train Or Colombo Badulla Train From the Colombo Fort Railway Station. You Need to punch a ticket to Ihalakotte Station. 2nd Class Ticket Price is 190.00 LKR (1.04 USD), and the 3rd Class ticket is 105.00 LRK (0.57 USD). I recommend you to take the Podi Manike Express Train to Badulla, departure Colombo fort at 6.00 Am and it will reach Ihalakotte Station By 8.00 Am. From there you need to reach the Ihalakotte Village which is a small walk away from the station. From there you can ask a villager for the trail beginning. You need to take the small footpath to the left to the jungle and walk down the road. This trail runs to the top of the Alagalla mountain summit.

From Colombo to Alagalla by Bus

From Colombo, you need to take a bus to Palmadulla City. From there you need to take a bus to Poththapitiya town. From there you can hire a Tuk-Tuk to reach the start of the trail. The Tuk-Tuk will charge you about 200.00 LKR – 400.00 LKR ( 2.00 USD – 3.00 USD ).

Colombo to Poththapitiya Map

Poththapitiya to Alagalla Map

Alagalla Hike Overview.

After you enter the Alagalla mountain track the first few kilometers will be easy to travel. It is still a narrow rocky road but not that hard to climb. Most of the roads at the beginning run through the grasslands very common in the central plains. This grass you see everywhere is either “Maana Bushes” or Lemon Grass. These types of grasslands are pretty common in the central plains of Sri Lanka. At some places, the grass will be higher than you and you have to make the way through the grass.

At the end of the track, you will encounter a stone wall or rock barrier that you have to climb to reach the summit. At this place, the mountain steep is high. So be careful. Some of you might need the assistance of a rope to climb to the summit. This climb will give you goosebumps. I defiantly had goosebumps when I was climbing the rock.

Finally, after reaching the top safely, I looked around and I forgot the tiredness I had after climbing the rock immediately. The view from the summit of the Alagalla mountain was amazing and I never have seen such an epic view from any other mountain top. On the one side of the mountain, the sun was shining and sunny, and the other side of the mountain was raining and covered with clouds. The Clouds were below us and we were above the clouds. The Clouds flew like a river and fall off the edge of the mountain like a waterfall. We sat on the mountain summit for several hours amazed by the view around us. I believe there is no other place in Sri Lanka to witness the cloud waterfall like this.

nearby places to visit –

We have mentioned few interesting places you can visit on your visit to alagalla.

Balathuduwa Mountain Hike 

The central plains of Sri Lanka, the most beautiful part of the island. The magnificent natural beauty that it possesses is not so easy to witness. You have to enter the jungle and explore. This is one of the best hiking adventures you can do in Sri Lanka. If you are an enthusiastic hiker and looking to explore the country on your own. This is the best place for you. Wangdigala, Balathuduwa, Gonmolliya Mountains Peak is challenging, but still worth it. Gonmolliya Moutain is the thirteenth tallest mountain in Sri Lanka. Balathuduwa Mountain is the 14th highest peak in Sri Lanka. And these three mountain peaks are in the same mountain range. If you are up for this challenge, you can spend three mountain peaks and one night on top of the Balathuduwa mountain.

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