The Temple of the sacred tooth relic – Sri Lanka

The Golden Roofed Temple or as Sinhalese called it “Sri Dalada Maligawa” is the long center of the Buddhist faith. The stunning 17th-century Temple of the Tooth  Or Sri Dalada Maligawa is the keep of the left upper canine tooth of the Lord Buddha himself. The Heavily guarded room housing a goldarn casket shaped of a stupa carries the tooth relic of buddha. This precious relic attracts Buddhist pilgrims from all around the world. The Temple is decorated with beautiful 17th century paintings and carvings.

How to Reach The Temple of the sacred tooth relic ? 

The temple of the sacred tooth is well known place in sri lanka .If you are starting from Colombo, First you have to reach the Kandy city, and the temple is located in the middle of the city near the lake of will take 1-2 hours to visit the place. After you reaching the entrance of the building where lot of flower sellers you can see. We recommend you to buy some lotus flowers.

Best Time To visit Kandy ? 

The Best Time to visit The Temple of the tooth is during the “Esala Perahara” Festival. This festival takes place in July for 10 days. On the last night of the festival “Perahara” take place. It is a collection of religious and cultural dancing’s of the Buddhist people performed to honor the buddha. If you visited this place in July, you will have a memorable experience for sure. 

Things to see and do in the temple of tooth relic. 

17th Century Paintings of sri lanka

The Dalada Maligawa is filled with 17th-century paintings. The walls of the inner temple and chamber of the tooth relic are decorated with colorful paintings. They describe the historic story of the tooth relic. 

The Tooth Relic of the buddha 

The tooth relic of the Buddha placed in a special chamber of the dalada maligawa. This Chamber is decorated with paintings, wooden and ivory carvings. The Tooth relic is placed in a Goldarn Casket similar to a stupa.

Sri Dalada Museum 

This Museum House to Ancient artifacts related to the tooth relic and historic records of the temple. And Also The Gifts Given to the Sacred tooth relic are placed here. Among the items on view historical artifacts used in the ritual ceremonies, buddha statues, Kandyan gold and silver jewelry, A silver water pot offered by King Kirthi Sri Rajasimha, Silver hanging lamp offered by king rajadhi rajasimha, etc.

Other Nearby Places to Kandy , You could Enjoy

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Pinnawala is the place where abandoned elephants from the jungle are raised. Not only orphans but also elephants that seriously injured or those who get aloof from their group are given proper shelter & care at the orphanage. The place is situated in the Pinnawala village. You can reach here within hours from gampola.The orphanage was started in 1975 by the Sri Lanka Department of Wildlife Conservation. The place has become famous as an amazing tourist destination in recent years. If you love elephants you can go and have a closer look at them here.If you visit there in the evining, you can see the beautiful site of elephants bathing in the river.

Ambuluwawa, biodiversity complex

Ambuluwawa, biodiversity complex and Sri Lanka’s first multi-religious sanctuary situated in the central highlands of the country. Situated at a height of 3567 feet above the sea level, Ambuluwawa Temple in Gampola is a Landmark that enthralls you with its elegance. The views of the surrounding valleys and mountains from the top of these temples are sure to leave the visitors amazed. This temple consists of worshipping places for all four religions practiced in Sri Lanka. One can either hike/walk to the top of the temple or reach by small vehicles. Check Here For More Details

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