The Amazing Nelligala Temple – Sri Lanka

This Golden Temple on a hilltop of Nelligala Rock, Popular Among Tourists due to its amazing paranormal view. Unlike most temples of Sri Lanka, Nelligala is built recently in 2015. But its Mahayana Architectural and Sculptural Influence make it so special and unique among all the other temples in Sri Lanka.

How to reach to Nelligala Temple? 

Nelligala Temple is situated in Kandy district. If you are starting from Colombo, First You need to get to Kandy city. You can take a bus from Colombo Central Bus Station to Kandy. It’s Faster than traveling by train. The ticket price is 350.00 LKR (1.87 USD). After Reaching Kandy you need to take Muruthalawa Bus and the ticket is about 20.00 LKR. After Reaching Muruthalawa Town, Take a tuk-tuk to reach the temple Entrance. You can go from tuk-tuk to the entrance of the Nelligala temple. Roads are well maintained. It will take about 30min-40min to reach from Kandy to Nelligala. Temple has its own parking for visitors.

Things to keep in mind before visiting Nelligala Temple(FAQ)

What should I wear to Nelligala Temple? 

Nelligala is a Buddhist pilgrimage site, So you need to wear your clothes appropriately. The Cloths should cover shoulders and legs and about 70% of the body. If you can wear white color clothes better. We have a great article about Sri Lankan fashion you can try out on your visit, Follow here.

Do I Need To buy a ticket? 

You don’t need to buy a ticket or book a ticket in advance to enter the Nelligala temple 

What is the Best Time Of Year to visit Nelligala Temple? 

You need to avoid the main monsoon season between October – January. Best time of the year to visit Nelligala Between February – May. This time of the year temperature is around 25°C – 28°C.  Visit the temple either in the morning or evening since you may witness epic sceneries with the setting sun. 

Nelligala Overview 

The very beginning at the entrance you will see these goldern buddha statutes looking at the blue horizon. The panoramic view from the summit of the Nelligala is mind soothing. The Nelligala Is Surrounded by famous mountain ranges. When you are at the Nelligala, you are above the clouds and the 360 view of the valley below is amazing. In the Evening the Burning Red Of the Setting Sun Paints absolutely epic scenery that you will never forget. The Temple shrine is decorated with paintings influenced by Kandyan era paintings. There are several relics enshrined at the shrine house. The Relics placed in a golden casket. you can see it in the Shrine Room. 

Nearby Places to visit – 

Sri Dalada Maligawa (The Temple of the Sacred tooth relic) 

This is the most sacred Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. The Right Tooth Relic of the Buddha is placed in this temple Shrine. The Shrine roof is built with a golden roof and the inside of the Shrine is decorated with Golden carvings, Avery Carvings, and Kandyan Era Paintings. Read More About Sri Dalada Maligawa Here. 

Peradeniya Botnical Garden 

If you are interested in Sri Lankan Flora, This is the Best Place to visit. You will See almost every plant you will see in Sri Lanka here. The Garden has epic landscapes and beautiful Scenaries. If you visit this place you will definitely be able to get some awesome clicks for your insta audience. 

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