Pidurangala – Sri lanka Complete Guide

Pidurangala is an enormous rock located seeing distance to the north from Sigiriya. Tales of Sigiriya and pidurangala are have interlinked in history. If you don’t visit Sigiriya and pidurangala you shouldn’t miss those locations on your visit to Sri Lanka. Sigiriya was a monastery to Buddhist monks for thousands of years .whilst King Kashyapa was building Sigiriya, He moved all the monk living around the Sigiriya to new Monastery in Pidurangala. If You interested in the legendary Story of King Kashyapa, We have s great article for you. Ever since pidurangala was a monastery even after the fall of Sigiriya.

How to get to pidurangala , Direction?

If you start your journey from Colombo, You have to reach Dambulla town first, From there you should take Inamaluwa – Sigiriya Road to reach Pidurangala. Its 5-hour drive,180 Km of good Country Road.

Things to Know before visiting Pidurangala

Do you have to take a ticket for the entrance?

Yes, the Entrance fee for the pidurangala site is 500 LKR or 3 USD per person. You do not need to do a booking in advance, you can purchase the tickets at the entrance of the site.

Opening Hours – The Pidurangala

Pidurangala ticket office opens at 5 am and closes at 6 pm.

Weather conditions What time is best to visit Pidurangala?

northern parts Central Province is mostly dry at any month, But May to September at Monsoon Season Heavy rains could fall. The best time to visit pidurangala is between December and early April. Remember to Bring a hat and Sunglasses to Protected from Sun. And Pack Plenty of fluids Before the Hike.

Is It Safe to hike Pidurangala? Is it Difficult?

Getting to the summit of Pidurangala is a pretty tough 1-hour hike. You have to hike through a pretty rocky path to get to the top. If you have a health condition or if you have problems with mobility you might want to consider the hike twice.

Best Viewing Time – Get To Pidurangala to see the Sun Rise

If you looking for the best scenery of Pidurangala, you need to get to Pidurangala before dawn. The view from the top while the sun rises above the jungle and Sigiriya rock quite a memorable experience. And you’ll be able to take some cool photographs for your insta too.

Pidurangala Hike Overview

The view from the summit of pidurangala is insane. Remember to start the hike before dawn. That way you can enjoy the best view Pidurangala has to offer. When the sun rises you will see an amazing view of the nearby valley and jungle and also Sigiriya Rock.As you can see from the photo’s it doesn’t need much more explaining.

Nearby Places to visit

Sigiriya – The Lions Fortress

Sigiriya or The lions Rock is Perhaps Sri Lanka’s Single Most Dramatic Sight. If you visit Sigiriya, You can see the ruined fortress rising above the forest from miles away. This Rock fortress tangled with the story of a king who murdered his father and brother to take the kingdom. This short-lived kingdom attracts tourists from all around the world due to its archeological value and dramatic sight. If you are nearby Pidurangala, You can also check out the Sigiriya too. We have a great article about Sigiriya. Check it here.

Minneriya National Park

If you are interested in local wildlife or if you are a wildlife photographer, this is a great destination for you. You can do safari inside the park and you will see hundreds of elephants feeding fresh grass in the valley and also leopards and bird species.

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