Meemure – The Hidden Paradise In Sri Lanka ( Travel Guide 2020 )

There Are So many places in Sri Lanka you may never hear of or never get a chance to travel. You won’t find this place on traveling guides or among the top 10 destinations of Sri Lanka. Even As A Sri Lankan Traveler, I Didn’t even know this place exists until a few years ago. One Day, I saw a Facebook post of this place and I was hooked with this place. Immediately, I called one of my friends and I said “Machan, We Should See this place, I can’t believe places like this even exist “. And the Next Week-End We were on our way to Meemure.

Meemure is a rural village hidden among the knuckle’s mountain range. So Remote and Most of the villagers live here never been to a city. Never heard of the internet, never heard of Elon musk or Rihanna. And yet they seem full of life and happiness. Their village is still intact from the modern urbanization and pollution, filled with natural waterfalls, streams and misty mountains. This place is so rural and they didn’t even have electricity, constructed roads, internet or mobile coverage until a couple of years ago. Meemure home to about 400 people. Most of them are traditional farmers as once their forefathers were. If you ever visit this place, you will see a large paddy field at the center of this village, and at the end of this paddy fields, you will see a large “Mee” tree (Mousey Mi or Madhuca longifolia). People say that’s how this village got its name, the place of the “Mee” tree. If you are a nature-loving person, I invite you to visit this place, spend a couple of days without the disturbances of modern civilization.

How to get to Meemure?

Meemure located in the border between Matale and Kandy district. To reach Meemure there is only one trail from the town Loolwatte.

If you are Starting From Colombo, Reach to Kandy via bus or train (about 4-hour trip). From Kandy to Meemure it’s about 60km (2 -3 Hours). From Kandy there you should take Kandy-Mahiyangane-Padiyatalawa Hwy/A26 to reach Hunnasgiriya town (1 hour). From there you have to hire a van, or a cab to reach Meemure village. Road to Meemure is quite difficult. The Road is too narrow and Muddy. So, you will need an off-road type vehicle to reach the village.

How to Hire a Vehicle to Meemure ?

If you don’t have your own vehicle. You may need to hire a vehicle from Hunnasgiriya – Meemure Junction. The Locals around there used to hire vehicles to the visitors and they charge fair price the trip.

These are the prices to hire vehicle to Meemure

  • Hunnasgiriya to Meemure Up+Down
Vehicle Seat Count Time Price USD
Bolero Truck 14 11,000.00 LKR $60.76
Van 14 12,000.00 LKR $66.29
Tuk Tuk 3 2000.00 LKR $11.05
Local Transportation (Van) 7.00AM – 5.00 PM 200.00 LKR $1.10
Local Transportation (BUS) 7.00 AM – 5.00 PM 80.00 LKR $ 0.44

If you are looking for more info about how to hire a vehicle in Sri Lanka We have an Great article here.

Bio Diversity of Meemure

Meemure located on the knuckles mountain range. Due to its location, most streams and waterbodies originated at the knuckles mountain range flow through the village. This area home to rarest animals of Sri Lanka.

When is the Best time to visit Meemure?

Meemure Gets heavy rainfalls due to nearby Knuckles mountain range. So, Rain can be expected anytime. The best thing to do is to avoid the Rain Season. The Best time to visit Meemure between May- September ( Dry Season ).

Things to Do in Meemure

First, you can enjoy the beauty of the simple rural village of Sri Lanka.

I Recommend you to go to Meemure for a camping adventure. You will need a local guide to guide you through the jungle. If you are traveling alone and bit skeptical about traveling into the woods of an unknown country. There are plenty of places you can do camping nearby the village. Most places managed by the local Resorts and Hotels. So Below I have mentioned some Excellent resorts worth mentioning.

How to find a tour guide in Meemure ? Important

elephants in the nearby jungles and you defiantly don’t want to meet one of them. They are often violent and keen to attack humans. So Find a tour guide before you go there. 

There are a couple of ways to do that. 

  1. If you are going to spend the night in a hotel or resort nearby. Ask them to help. If you could find a guy from the village that’s better. Most of them charge money for guiding and the payment is negotiable.
  2. The second option is to contact us on Facebook. We can help you to find a tour guide and help you to set up the trip. It’s free we won’t charge any money from you or the tour guide. It’s just helping out fellow travelers.

Hike to Lakegala Mountain

Lakegala is a cone shape mountain north to Meemure. Reaching the summit of the Lakegala is quite difficult. Unless you are a seasoned hiker you will find it difficult. But Rather than trying to reach the summit you can walk around the mountain. There are two waterfalls and a small river. If you traveled with a guide. You might able to get permission to camp near the Ravana River.

Camping near “Heena Ganga” (The Dream River )

There are Three rivers start from the Knuckles mountain range. Camping nearby rock bed of the river is quite an unforgettable experience. First of all, you will be alone, you won’t hear any sound besides the birdsongs and burble of the river. You can swim in crystal clear water as long as you want and enjoy the night with the warmth of a campfire.

Where you can spend the night in Meemure? Accommodation

Here you won’t find 5-star hotels or rooms. There are only a couple of hotels and resorts available to spend the night. Most of them are owned by local villagers. Most of the resorts provide camping and small cottages in the jungle. Here I have mentioned some of the best resorts.If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us from the Facebook.Use the Chat Box at bottom right corner. Or visit Our Page Here

Keep In Mind

  • If you are hoping to camp or trekking you need to hire a local guide or you can ask about it from the hotel you are accommodating. The price for a local guide can vary. And Don’t trust them too much.
  • Take some clothing suitable for rainy weather conditions too. The weather of the village changes dramatically due to the Knuckles mountain range.
  • And Keep in mind to take only memories and leave only footprints.

Foods You Can Enjoy along the way to Meemure.

While you are traveling to the Meemure, you can always stop at local shops by the road to taste spicy sri lankan street foods. I recommend you to try following, You can find them in many small hotels along the road.And if you are a food junkie we have great article about Sri Lankan Street foods here.

Coconut Roti 

Simple, soft and bready Sri Lankan roti with a wonderful coconut and chili flavor, Mostly served with chili chutney witch is very hot, if you are not familiar with the hot chili foods , be careful to eat less chutney.

Egg Hoppers 

Hoppers which are also known as appa is very common and iconic food of Sri Lanka.Mostly served with chili chutney. Or you can taste it with tea. Its more like pancake, but with spruced up with coconut milk and splash of toddy (Srilankan Palm Wine).

Sri lankan Tea

The central highlands of Sri Lanka have the perfect ecosystem for growing high-quality tea with its own unique flavor and aroma. Sri lanka Is Famous For tea since colonial era .At that time Sri lanka is called Ceylon and  still today Ceylon Tea is one of the best tea you can have. While you are traveling to gampola you will be able to see tea plantations along the road and vist on of the plantation tea lounge to taste best tea from Ceylon,

So I hope you will enjoy your visit to Sri Lanka. And Here are some suggestions for you to check out.

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