How to Hire Vehicle On Your Visit to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country to explore and enjoy. Although it’s a small island, traveling around Sri Lanka consumes time more than you think. In Sri Lanka, public transportation systems are very Slow. Let’s say you want to travel from Colombo to Batticaloa (Western Edge to Eastern Edge of the Country), It will take about 12 hours from the bus, Even More from the train. So, if you are planning to visit Sri Lanka recently, I recommend you to Hire a vehicle with a Driver or A vehicle at least.

I recommend you to take a day off before your visit to Sri Lanka, and do a small research about the country and places you want to go to. Then you can contact a travel agent and tell him your goals of visit and he will help you with planning and hotel bookings and transportation. Mostly travel services of Sri Lanka provide good, reliable service to their customers. If you already got a travel service you have nothing to worry about. But if you are on a restricted budget, you can do it all by yourself.

How to Hire a Vehicle?

If you planning to hire a vehicle for a couple of days, You can get to an online vehicle renting service in Sri Lanka and rent a vehicle. It’s the easiest way to do it. Mostly those online services charge per time or the distance you travel. I recommend you to use one of the following websites to rent a vehicle.

How much will it Cost to Rent a Car in Sri Lanka?

Most Vehicle Rental Companies in Sri Lanka Charge for the period you keep the vehicle. And You can’t damage the vehicle for any reason. If you do damage the vehicle, you have to pay for the damage. So when you are receiving a vehicle from a company please go around the vehicle and see whether there are some prior damages on the vehicle.

  • Honda Vezel Hybrid SUV – For 1 week –$ 36.11 USD
  • Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4×4 – For 1 week – $ 44.44 USD
  • Toyota Corolla Axio – For 1 week – $ 27.00 USD


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Rent a Car Sri Lanka

Counting twenty years of excellence in the rental car industry, Shineway rental car Sri Lanka has maintained its leading position as a trustworthy, efficient and innovative one-stop-shop for all your vehicle rental needs. We rent everything from standard sedans to top of the range luxury cars, vans and jeeps on self-drive or with a driver at the cheapest rates in town.

Shineway rental car Sri Lanka services are sought after by holidaymakers and business travelers alike from North America, Europe, the Indian subcontinent, Australia and many other countries. What makes our clients keep coming back to us?

Can I hire a vehicle from a local town?

Yes, You can. But Most Probably you have to hire a Vehicle and a Driver. Mostly There are local vehicle parks (where drivers gather to rent their vehicles) and you can hire a vehicle with a driver from there. But Due to a couple of reasons, I don’t recommend you to do that. First, Most Drivers will charge you more for hire. Second, Most drivers at local car parks irresponsible and not reliable. If you hire one of those drivers you will sure to have troubles on your journey. Third, The Condition of those vehicles is poor. So, Don’t Do it.

Another way you can hire a vehicle?

Another way of hiring a vehicle in Sri Lanka is to talk with your hotel manager or some authority of your hotel. Mostly They Have contacts of the drivers they usually work with. Sri Lankans are really helpful people and they will help you in no time.

Can I Hire A Tuk Tuk ?

Yes ,Sure.Hiring Tuk Tuk is a great way to explore Sri lanka.If you are interested to have bit fun and trill along the way,Tuk tuk is an great option for you.But I must warn you. Tuk Tuk is a less comfortable vehicle.Only Three people can fit in the vehicle and very small room for luggage. And If you planing to travel hillside of the country,You will find it difficult to climb up those roads with a Tuk Tuk.

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