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Ambuluwawa, biodiversity complex and Sri Lanka’s first multi-religious sanctuary situated in the central highlands of the country. Situated at a height of 3567 feet above the sea level, Ambuluwawa Temple in Gampola is a Landmark that enthralls you with its elegance. The views of the surrounding valleys and mountains from the top of these temples are sure to leave the visitors amazed. This temple consists of worshipping places for all four religions practiced in Sri Lanka. One can either hike/walk to the top of the temple or reach by small vehicles.

How to Reach Ambuluwawa Temple? 

If you are starting from Colombo, You have to reach gampola town first. You can reach gampola town by bus or train. From the bus it will take about 4hours to reach gampola by bus.if you are using a train it will take about 5 hours.

 After Reaching Gampola town. You can use the bus or a small vehicle to travel to Ambuluwawa. If you don’t have your own vehicle , I recommend to use tuktuk . tuk-tuk ride will be an amazing experience to enjoy the road. If you are interested in the places where you can go with tuk-tuk check here.

Best Time To visit Ambuluwawa ? 

March – May: This is the ideal time to visit Gampola when the temperature remains around 26 – 28 degrees celsius and mostly sunny.this is the best time to plan outdoor activities.

December – April: just after the raining season, the city looks fresh in this time of the year.

October- November: This time span of two months Sri Lanka goes through the intense monsoon rain which is not suitable for visitors to enjoy. Heavy rain falls and temperature around 15C – 20C.

Frequently Asked Questions

How high is the Ambuluwawa Tower?

Ambuluwawa bio diversity complex was build in 2006 and it is 3567 feet (1087.222 meters).

Is Ambuluwawa Safe to Climb ?

Yes! it is Safe. You have safety rails at the sides. The Staircase is a bit narrow. But defiantly safe to climb. But if you are acrophobic like me, climbing to the top will be a bit that case, you can take help from a friend. Keep your head up and summon up your courage and climb.

How long Does it take to climb Ambuluwawa ?

it takes about 2 hours to climb the tower and stay at the top for a while and enjoy the amazing 360 views. the whole trip from Kandy to Amuluwawa will take about 3-4 hours.

Ambuluwawa Overview

A standalone mountain top – the Ambuluwawa peak is a chilling adventure to experience. And It also a historic place in sri lankan history. Gampola is a historic city in sri lanka history.In 13th Century AD, Gampola was the capital city of the kingdom ruled by King Bhuwanekabahu IV

Since the recent past, Ambuluwawa Mountain has received a new era of recognition due to its unique looking Stupa. spiraling cone at the top of the mountain hill is really amazing. Cloaked with mist, it is a picture of absolute beauty. And more amazingly you can climb to the top of the stupa.

We know the climb to the top is a bit tough. If you are Acrophobic, you will find it really difficult. But as you know hardest climbs always give the best views. Some of the best views you can admire from the top of the ambuluwawa,

  • South –Sri Pada or Adams Peak
  • North –Mountain range of Knuckles
  • West –Bathalegala or Bible Rock
  • East –Piduruthalagala Mountain

Ambuluwawa: Flora And Fauna 

A study was carried out in this forest from 23rd January to 20th February 2003 by the University of Sri Jayawadenepura, Sri Lanka in which 29 endemic species were found in the Ambuluwawa Mountain.

  • 11 mammalian species, including 01 endemic
  • 59 avian species including 07 endemic species
  • 30 reptilian species including 13 endemic species
  • 13 amphibian species including 06 endemic species
  • 13 butterfly species including 02 endemic species

Foods You Can Enjoy along the way to Gampola.

While you are traveling to the Ambuluwawa, you can always stop at local shops by the road to taste spicy sri lankan foods. I recommend you to try following, You can find them in many small hotels along the road.

Coconut Roti 

Simple, soft and bready Sri Lankan roti with a wonderful coconut and chili flavor, Mostly served with chili chutney witch is very hot, if you are not familiar with the hot chili foods , be careful to eat less chutney.

Egg Hoppers 

Hoppers which are also known as appa is very common and iconic food of Sri Lanka.Mostly served with chili chutney. Or you can taste it with tea. Its more like pancake, but with spruced up with coconut milk and splash of toddy (Srilankan Palm Wine).

Sri lankan Tea

The central highlands of Sri Lanka have the perfect ecosystem for growing high-quality tea with its own unique flavor and aroma. Sri lanka Is Famous For tea since colonial era .At that time Sri lanka is called Ceylon and  still today Ceylon Tea is one of the best tea you can have. While you are traveling to gampola you will be able to see tea plantations along the road and vist on of the plantation tea lounge to taste best tea from Ceylon,

Other Nearby Places to ambuluwawa

Temple Of Tooth Relic

Considered as one of the most important temples of Buddhists in Sri Lanka, the Temple of Tooth Relic is located to the north of Kandy Lake and is one of the most historic places to visit in Kandy Sri Lanka. The sacred tooth of Lord Buddha enshrined in the temple makes it one of the popular Kandy tourist places

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Pinnawala is the place where abandoned elephants from the jungle are raised. Not only orphans but also elephants that seriously injured or those who get aloof from their group are given proper shelter & care at the orphanage. The place is situated in the Pinnawala village. You can reach here within hours from gampola.The orphanage was started in 1975 by the Sri Lanka Department of Wildlife Conservation. The place has become famous as an amazing tourist destination in recent years. If you love elephants you can go and have a closer look at them here.If you visit there in the evining, you can see the beautiful site of elephants bathing in the river.

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