Adam’s Peak Hike Guide – Everything you need to know

In this guide, you will learn:
FAQ about Adam’s peak and everything you need to know before your visit.Trails to Adam’s peak and detailed map of Adam’s peak trails.When to climb how to climb Adam’s peak Adams peak Accommodations and Hotels.

Adam’s peak is the single most worshiped mountain in Sri Lanka. Thousands of Buddhist, Tamil and Muslim pilgrims visit this place every year. For them, it’s a spiritual journey that one must take part in at least one time in their life. For a visitor to Sri Lanka, this is one of the best places to witness the spiritual Buddhist ceremonies, beautiful breathtaking sunrise, and magnificent landscapes in one place. So, we invite you to travel to the famous Adams peak with us.

Before you visit.

What is the best trail to reach Adam’s peak?

There are nine known trails to reach Adam’s peak. In this article, we are only going to talk about the two most popular trails. We chose these two because follow the links below.

  • Erathna – Adam’s Peak trail – is a more difficult trail through the dense jungle, yet the most beautiful trail filled with natural beauty.
  • Nallathanniya(Dalhousie) – Adam’s peak is well-known and easier to climb, best suited for half a day visit.

So, you need to choose which one suited for you.

Surrounding view in the dawn

Best time of the year to visit Adam’s peak?

The Best time of the year to visit Adam’s peak is between December – May. The High pilgrimage season starts from January to May from Unduvap Full Moon Poya day to Vesak Full Moon Poya Day of the following year. At these times the weather is mostly sunny and the temperature is around 12 °C(night) – 22 °C(Day). In the high season, there could be thousands of pilgrimages climbing Adam’s peak in a single day. To avoid crowds -You need to avoid public holidays and weekends. (Follow this link to find out holidays of Sri Lanka)

Is it better to Climbing Adam’s peak in the offseason?

Pros –

  • Less crowded, sometimes you will be the only one climbing Adams peak that day.
  • You will be able to enjoy nice quite a nature without disturbances.

Cons –

  • In the offseason, the weather can be mostly rainy and windy. Sometimes the wind is so strong and uncomfortable. The temperature is also very low (10-20) compared to the high season.
  • The shops and food huts only opened during the high season. So, there will be no way of getting food during the offseason.
  • The temple in the summit is closed during the offseason. So, you won’t be able to see the morning rituals and ceremonies.
  • The Summit could be covered in clouds and mist during the offseason. There is a chance that you will not be able to see the surrounding view.
  • The road can be slippery and dangerous. If something happened you will be all alone. So there is a risk of climbing offseason.
  • There will be no street lights during the offseason. So, you won’t be able to start the climb at night

When to Start the climb Adams peak? Day or Night?

Most people start to climb Adam’s peak at night. They start the journey around 2.00 am. The main reason to travel this early is to witness the sunrise from the top of the summit. The Sunrise you see from the top of Adam’s peak is special, pilgrims called it Ira Sewaya (Sun Rise) (Sinhala: ඉර සේවය). Ira Sawaya is the Dancing sun. When the sun rises you will see multiple images of Sun shaking and combining with the different colors. It is an absolutely breath-taking moment to witness. So, I suggest you start your journey at night as I said before.

Do I need to take a ticket to climb Adam’s peak?

No, You don’t need to take a ticket to climb Adam’s peak.

The valley bellow shining bright red

How to get to Adam’s peak?

From Colombo to Adams Peak

Nallathanniya(Dalhousie) – Adam’s Peak trail 

The best way to Reach Adam’s peak from Colombo is by train. Take a Train to Hatton from Colombo fort train station. I recommend you to take an express train. And get off from the train at Hatton train station. From there You can either take a bus or tuk-tuk to Nallathanniya. In pilgrimage season a bus departs from Hatton bus stop every half an hour. The ticket price will be less than 1.00 USD. And also, you can take a tuk-tuk from the Hatton and it will cost about 2000.00-2500.00 LKR. You can stay and rest at Nallathanniya (Recommended) until you are ready to hike Adam’s peak. We have suggested some good hotels near Adam’s peak (Nallathanniya) bellow.

Erathna – Adams Peak trail

If you are planning to hike from the Erathna – Adams Peak trail, you need to reach Kuruwita town first. You can easily get a bus from the Colombo Bus terminal to reach Kurupira. From there you need to take a bus to Adawi Kanda. Once you reach the Adawi Kanda village get off from the bus and ask from a local about the place where Adam’s peak trails begin. The Start of the trail you will see a way board detailing the trail and important landmarks.

Water ways along the Erathna – Adam’s peak Trail

Adam’s Peak Accommodations

Slightly Chilled Hotel – Nallathanniya 

This is one of the most recommended places near Nallathanniya. The Hotel is run by a family for over 25 years and it has a good reputation. I recommend you to do reservations there before you arrive in Sri Lanka. Because at the high season Nallathanniya town can be very crowded and most hotels will be already booked.

The Hike to Adams peak From Nallathanniya

As I said before you need to start your journey at 2.00 Am. The morning will be cold but wear light clothing. But remember to were something covers at least 75% of the body. Once you start the climb your body will warm up and you will not need warm clothing. Also, Don’t forget to take sunglasses and a Hat. Prepare your baggage as light as possible. Take a touch, Water bottle, and some snacks and nothing more.

Nallathanniya – Adam’s Peak Map

From Dalhousie, you will easily be able to find the path toward Adam’s peak. First, you will arrive at Makara Thorana (මකර තොරණ) at the beginning trail. From there you need to climb up. You won’t be able to see much since you are traveling in the dark. The street will be lighted and crowded unless you are traveling in the offseason. The hike will be a little difficult. The Trail is well built with concrete steps and stair rails. You have to climb 5000 steps to reach the summit. The climbing will take about 2-3 hours depending on your fitness. If you have a mobility issue, I recommend you to think about this hike twice.

Climbing along with the other pilgrimage will be an amazing experience. You will see people of every age is climbing the mountain carrying flowers and offerings to buddha. You will encounter old people, that is barely walking. Sometimes you will see sons carrying their old parents. I wonder about their courage. I think that their strong faith in buddha gives them the strength to make that climb. You will hear them singing poems and songs about the pilgrimage. It will be an amazing experience to see such faith in people.

Along the way, you can stop at a small food hut to get a drink. These food huts sales some traditional, herbal Sri Lankan Drinks such as Beli mal tea (A drink made from Beli flower -Indian Bael ) and also famous Ceylon tea.

Temple at the Summit – Photo Credit Shanika Sewwandi

Once you reach the summit you will see a temple dedicated to buddha. You will hear the sound of the bell rings and prayers of the pilgrims. You need to wait here until the down to witness the sunrise. As I said before the sunrise will be a breathtaking moment to witness. The dancing in the sun is amazing. the slow rise of the sun will light up the surrounding valley with bright red color. I have no words to describe the scene with the sunrise, you will have to witness and feel it by yourself. Once the sun is up, the morning ritual of the temple will start and you can take part in the ritual ceremony, lighten a coconut oil lamp and incense sticks and start your journey back with a warm heart.

The Hike to Adams Peak from Erathna to Adams Peak

The Erathna to Adam’s peak is a completely different experience from what you will experience in the Nallathanniya track. You can’t travel on this road at night. The trail runs along the dance jungle of Sri Pada wilderness centaury. There are no concrete steps or safety rails, a lot less crowded. This journey will take 2 days to complete. You have to stay at One of Ambalama along the way. (An Ambalama Sinhala: අම්බලම) is a place constructed for pilgrims, traders and travelers to rest).

Warnagala waterfall – Erathna – Adams peak trail

Erathna – Adam’s peak trail Map

Prepare your backpack with a sleeping bag, enough food and water for a day. But also, you can buy your food from food huts along the way only if you are traveling in the High season. Wear something lighter, good hiking shoes and take a hat, sunglasses. And also, don’t forget to take some repellent for leaches. Start your journey at noon.

The trail is beautiful and surrounded by nature. You will pass these landmarks along the way.We have included the map of the trail below.

Erathna – Adam’s peak trail map

  • Warangal Ambalama and Warnagla Waterfall – 3Km 
  • Seethagangula – 5 Km (Small river that starts from the Adams ‘peak ) 
  • Madahinna -8 Km 
  • Demala mala Hinna – 9 Km
  • Idikatupana – 10 Km
  • Haramiti Pana – 12 Km 

After a few kilometers along the trail, you will reach Warnagala Ambalama. From there you can take a detour to See the beautiful Warnagla waterfall. And If you want you can take a swim in the waters of the waterfall. But be careful, the rocks around the waterfall is slippery and dangerous. From there you need to continue your journey through the dense jungle. From distance, you will see a giant rocky mountain called Paduruthalagala. Whilst you climb on the trail you will see the beautiful landscape of the surrounding mountains and valley below. After while you will encounter the Seethagangula (Meaning – Cold river ) another small stream start from Adam’s peak. Along the trail, you will see countless wildflowers and endemic flora to Sri Lanka.

What a lonely place it would be to have a world without a wildflower!

The complete trail to Adam’s peak is 13 Km and it is challenging. That’s what makes the experience even greater. You have to climb up until you reach the Near the summit there is another Ambalama you can rest until the sunrise. there will be other people come to Ambalama if you travel in the High season. So you have to collaborate with them and share the place. You can eat what you bought or you can eat something from the food huts nearby.

In the morning about 5 am you need to start your journey again. But from here the summit is very close. As I mentioned before you can take part in the morning ritual and witness the sunrise. At about 7.00 am you can climb back down. For that, you can use the Hatton Road I have mentioned before. So, you will be able to cover both tracks.


  • Adam’s Peak is a pilgrimage site, there are monks and monasteries along the trail who are meditating. So remember to behave accordingly.
  • Adam’s Peak also wildlife sanctuary home to many endemic mammals, birds, and flora. So do not litter. Bring back everything you take leave only footsteps.
  • Do not feed wild animals.
  • Do not put markings along the way.

I hope you enjoy the journey to Adam’s peak. Leave your comments and thoughts below we love to hear from you. If you need a guide or find any information about the tail doesn’t hesitate to contact the SriLankanVibez team.

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