A Guide to Sri Lankan Street Foods

Some People travel to explore and feel the beauty and while some travel for food. If you are a food junkie and want to try Sri Lankan foods, this is the perfect guide for you.

Is Sri Lankan food spicy?

Yes, Sri Lankans use chili almost for every food. Unlike western people, Sri Lankans use spices and chili strongly. So If you Are Unfamiliar with the spicy foods, be careful with Sri Lankan foods.

Is Sri Lankan Street Food Expensive ?

No, Not much . Most Street foods are very cheap and tasty. Most Street foods are less than 100.00 LKR ($0.7 USD ).

Here I have mentioned My Favorite Street foods of Sri Lanka. Your visit to Sri Lanka will be incomplete if you haven’t tried these awesome food.


You can see this food everywhere in Sri Lanka. Most probably you will hear the sound of making it every evening almost every city. It is more like fried rice, but instead of rice, they use roti. The roti is cut to pieces and mixed with vegetables, meat and curry rhythmically which make the unique sound you hear. The dish is mostly served with curry and piece of a cucumber and dried chili chutney. The texture of the roti is so chewy and a little bit crisp in the vegetables. The price of the Kottu is about 200.00 LKR – 400.00 LKR depending on the type you order.

Godamba Roti

If you travel here and there in any city in the evening you will see people making this roti. Godamba roti is Indian food and now its everywhere in the country. These roti made with flour and coconut oil. These long sheets looking roti made in almost every hotel in the evening. Some make Godamba roti with a filling inside it. Some made it plain. The filling mostly made with vegetables and eggs. And they serve it with chicken curry or fish curry and dal curry. First, you should take a piece of Godamba roti and dip it into the curry and eat it. The Roti is so tasty and the curry soaked into the roti makes it soft and smooth in the mouth. I recommend you to try these with a Sri Lankan tea. That’s how I personally like them. The flavor of the tea and spices of the roti will make your eyes filled with tears.


It would be not a complete Sri Lankan tour without eating egg hoppers. This is one of the most famous street food or snack in Sri Lanka. You can have mainly two types of hoppers to try. Plain hoppers (no filling) & Egg hoppers (filling with egg + sometimes vegetables). They use a batter made with rice flour and coconut milk to cook these. They pour a scoop of batter to hot pans (just like when you make pancakes) and flick the pan with the wrist. This flick is very important, it made hopper thin around the edges and thicker to the bottom. Then they add a crumbled egg to it if you ask for an egg hopper. And they cook it until the golden texture appears at the edges. Mostly hoppers served with a red chili chutney or green chili chutney. I recommend trying green chili chutney with hoppers. Green chili has its unique flavor and suite to hoppers. you can put a spoon of chutney to the hopper and rolled it and eat. With the first bite, you will hear the sound of crunchy edges and a bit later you will feel the buttery flavor of the egg York and spongy bottom.
You can find hoppers almost every ware in Sri Lanka. Most local street hotels. And you can buy plain hopper 15.00 LKR -20.00 LKR, and Egg Hopper for 45.00 LKR -50.00 LKR. And one more thing before you try out hoppers, be careful with the chili chutney if you are not familiar with spicy foods.

Roasted Corn

You won’t find these anywhere near Colombo often . You need to travel to center of the country to taste these. These are basically roasted corn with some salt. They roast it with using wood fire.The heat and smoke of the burning wood fire gives it smokey flavor.The Sri Lankan corn is bit different from sweet corn you find in Europe.They are less sweeter and bit chewy. More fresh the corns ,tastier they are. you can identify freshness with the green leaves covers them.If the leaves are green, that means they harvested couple of days before. The price of roasted corn is about 50.00 LKR.

Achcharu – Sweet Marinated Fruits

You can find this Achcharu in mostly the pettah market and mostly in Colombo and Kandy. It is a mixture of fruits with sprinkled sugar, Chili and black pepper. the fruits they use mostly Mangos, Pineapple, Ambarella , Wood apple, and Sri Lankan olive. They serve these in a cup as a mixture of all fruits or you can have each fruit alone. The price of this cup can vary from 100.00 LKR – 150.00 LKR.


This famous Indian food is one of my favorite. And its made with dal and fried until the golden color appears. It is crunchy and soft In the middle. You can find wade in different sizes and with some addons with it like prawns and small fishes. The smaller vades and prawn wade are my favorites. And when you eat it you taste unions and chili inside giving a mixture of flavors. The Price of the wade can vary from 10.00 LKR – 40.00 LKR.

Prawn Vade and Fried Crabs

If you went to the Galle face in the evening you will find tones of different kinds of street foods. Prawn wade is just like normal wade but with prawn embedded in it. They fry it as you order them and after frying, they serve it with a source made with different spices, onion, and chili. This is so tasty and I love it so much. It’s crunchy and with the prawn flavor its tastes so good. You defiantly need to try these some time on your visit to Sri Lanka. The price for prawn wade is 40.00 LKR – 50.00 LKR.

The Fried crabs are soft-shell sea crabs . Normally you won’t eat the crab shell right? but here the crab is fried until the shell is crispy and edible. It is rich in flavor and crab shell has so much flavor you never thought of. You can eat the whole crab without throwing anything out. The fried crabs are also served with source and union. Taste these also while you travel in Colombo.

Milk Rice

Well, milk rice is one of the unique food that you will encounter in Sri Lanka. milk rice is soo much connected with the Sri Lankan people and culture. Every Sri Lankan new year starts with preparing and tasting of milk rice with the whole family together. It meant to symbolize the prosperity they are going to have next year. Milk Rice or “Kiribath” mostly served with chili chutney. The chutney is made with chili, onion, and spices. Some times they add some Maldives fish too. You can mix the rice with some chutney and eat it. The rice is buttery and rich in coconut milk flavor. You can find Milk rice at almost every hotel in the morning. The price of milk rice is typically around 50.00 LKR.

Kola Kanda

This is similar to soups you regularly see, but the difference here, Sri Lankan made this soup with rice and lots of herbal plants. As you can see below It is quite thick and green. Personally, I don’t like “Kola Kanda” much, But Most Sri Lankans love it. Most people have it because of the rich flavor and its medical properties. You can usually find “Kola Kanda” in the mornings, and you will find it in most cities. They served it with a piece of jaggery. Drink it with a little bit of jaggery and it tastes so good and small earthly flavor. And the price is about 50.00 LKR – 80.00 LKR.

Pani Pol Roti

Pani Pol refers to sweet coconut pancakes, one of the most marvelous desserts to try in your visit to Sri Lanka. The tasty bites are made from a palm treacle base and stuffed with fresh coconut and sugar. You can find these mostly “Choon Paan”, a bakery on wheels. Some of the best Pani Pols can be found in the Dehiwala and Wellawatta area around Galle Road. The price of these is around 50.00 LKR.

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